About us

Set on the quayside, overlooking the water, Custom House is a much loved piece of Poole Harbour’s heritage. Built in 1813, its graceful double staircase provides an everyday Georgian grandeur for all to enjoy. Who can’t but love climbing up the stairs, towards the delicious food that awaits, before turning around and surveying the quay and the boats before you do!

We love good local food and celebrating our British heritage. We specialise in seafood, and British beef (although you will find something delicious for all tastes on our menu). Custom House has recently partnered up with award winning local design company Woadden Nash and local artist Kathryn Thomas (as featured on Harbour lives), to create an exciting new look for the Custom house lounge bar with a new range of bespoke cocktails, and a relaxed dining menu focusing on house specialities steak and mussels. 

For a full dining experience come to our upstairs Dining Room, set in the old Long Room of the Custom House where the main public business was transacted. Whilst you enjoy your food, don’t forget to look outside the window to see the historic King's Beam below, where goods were weighed to charge the King's customs.

At this time of its building, Poole was a major port for trade to Newfoundland and the Custom House formed an essential part of quayside life. Whilst drinking your CH coffee or tea, remember to appreciate the history of these precious trading goods. A coffee house used to be on this site and imported tea was an important and lucrative trade. Famously, 2 tons of contraband tea that had been recovered from smugglers and stored at Custom House was stolen by the Hawkshurst Gang in a major theft of its day.

In 2012, we made some new history of our own in achieving a world record for the biggest ever fish and chips right outside the Custom House (as featured on Harbour Lives). The halibut fish weighed in at 78 kilos, cooked with 59 kilos of chips and the result was sold off in aid of charity. Come and try some of our delicious freshly cooked fish and chips downstairs!

We love to embrace Poole Quay and all that is wonderful about Harbour life. Since its restoration and conversion into a restaurant and bar in 1997, Custom House has continued to be part of Poole’s community.

Whether it be for Sunday lunch, a special event, wedding, or a casual lunch after a quay side walk, we seek to offer you warm hospitality and the very best of food.

Why not come and visit us down at Custom House!